Let These Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Tell Your Story

Unique wedding cake toppers will always make any wedding ceremony or reception extra lively. Of course, it is a great conversation point to see these cake toppers that were clearly personalized to match a couple’s personality. These cake toppers tell the story of what the couple finds important in their lives, or even the story of how they met. If you are an observant guest, you will see how these cake toppers show the personalities of the couple, and you will begin to appreciate how much effort was put into creating the topper design. They are not only unique wedding cake toppers, they are also works of art through the couple’s collaboration.

An Unlikely Mix

Two Palm Trees Beach Theme Sports Wedding Cake Toppers

Sports and the beach don’t usually go together, but for the couples who had these Two Palm Trees Beach Theme Sports Wedding Cake Toppers made, it makes sense for them. This cake topper shows the bride and groom standing atop a beach. Behind them are two palm trees, flanking them on both sides. The bride and groom are wearing sports jerseys over their wedding attire. The bride is wearing a blue Dodgers jersey over her wedding gown, so what you can see of her wedding gown is the full skirt. Her hair is a adorned by a red bloom, and she is barefoot on the beach. The groom is wearing a red Angels jersey over his slacks. He is also wearing flip-flops.

A Classy Sports Themed Topper

Oakland Raiders Football Cake Toppers

It is rare to see a sports themed topper that would be described as elegant, but for these Oakland Raiders Football wedding cake toppers, it certainly looks like it. Perhaps it is the simple and neutral colors of the design, but it definitely works for this couple. The couple is wearing Oakland Raiders jerseys over their wedding gowns. The jerseys are black and white and these colors blend well with their wedding attire. The bodice of the bride’s gown is covered by the jersey, but her skirt can be seen. It is exquisitely designed with a fishtail detail and gently layered folds. She is holding a bouquet of white lilies. To complete the look, a football helmet is propped in front of them

For the Video Game Lovers

Super Mario Cake Toppers

It is rare to see a cake topper design that does not depict the actual faces of the bride and groom, but for these Super Mario character wedding cake toppers, using the video game characters is just too good an opportunity to pass up. Perhaps the couple who had this made are true blue Super Mario fans. In that case, it’s a great decision to use the characters themselves. Super Mario is wearing a white suit, but his iconic hat is still worn. He is standing atop a question box to be able to match Princess Peach’s height. Princess Peach is not wearing her typical pink princess gown, but is instead wearing a white gown. She is holding a bouquet of turquoise flowers that accentuate her blonde hair. It’s a fun cake topper and will surely end up as a display piece in the couple’s home.

A Beachy Wedding

Snorkeler and Diver Cake Toppers

A beach themed cake topper is always perfect for those popular destination weddings. These snorkeler wedding cake toppers not only match a beach themed wedding, they are also perfect for the couples who like snorkeling together. This cake topper shows the groom wearing complete snorkeling attire, including the snorkel itself plus the fins. The bride is wearing her white wedding dress, her long blonde hair is falling framing her face beautifully. In one hand, she is holding her own snorkel. Surrounding them on the beach shoreline are various sea creatures and elements – a starfish, crabs, and a palm tree behind them.

Sit Back and Relax

Wedding Cake Toppers Sitting

On most cake toppers, the bride and groom always stand beside each other. These sitting bride and groom cake toppers beg to differ: “Why do they always need to stand?” And as silly as it may sound, not many people had thought of having the bride and groom seated beside each other. It makes this cake topper design extremely unique and interesting. It shows the bride and groom sitting beside each other on a bench. The bride is seated in a relaxed position, her legs crossed, and revealing her purple shoes. The groom is seated beside her in a black suit and a purple tie that perfectly matches her shoes. The overall design is perfectly laid back and chill.

Wakeboarding Fun

Wakeboarding Wedding Cake Topper

A wakeboarding wedding cake topper is always fun and is definitely one of the more unique cake toppers ever designed. The bride is driving a speedboat, and she is seated happily behind the wheel, wearing her wedding dress. Her hair is carefree and blowing behind her, adorned by a thin veil that is also being blown by the wind. The groom is on his wake board, holding tightly to the cord that connects him to his bride. The groom is wearing a tan coat, a purple tie, and purple boar shorts instead of slacks. It is cute, funny, and depicts the adventurous side of the couple.

Love Amidst War

Marine Corps and Army Wedding Cake Toppers

Army wedding cake toppers are always so touching to see. Perhaps it is the sudden surge of patriotism and gratitude for our army, but there is something so touching about seeing two individuals from the army fall in love and get married. This particular figure shows the groom in his Marine Corps CPL uniform, while the bride is wearing an Army second lieutenant uniform. They are both wearing the Desrt digital camouflage uniforms and they are standing together proudly and happily. The groom is holding a rifle on his side, while the bride is holding her helmet tucked under her arm. It’s a great way to show their pride for their positions, and also for the love that they found and are sharing.

An Iconic Photo is Recreated

Kissing Navy Chief and Nurse Cake Toppers

These kissing navy chief and nurse cake toppers are reminiscent of the iconic image of the soldier kissing his nurse during World War I. There is something romantic about recreating this photo, and their careers allow them to do this. The groom is a navy chief so he is wearing his uniform in this photo. The bride is a nurse and she is being thoroughly kissed be her groom as he leans her back. Her dark brown hair is swinging freely behind her, as her groom holds her tightly. It is sweet and romantic and depicts an epic love between the two.

An Ogre Kind of Love

Shrek and Fiona Cake Topper

These Shrek cake toppers also depict the actual characters instead of the faces of the couples. Surely they are Shrek fans to create such toppers that depict the Shrek characters. The groom is Shrek, and he is depicted wearing a black suit. Beside him is his Princess Fiona, in her white wedding gown. However, there is something different from the cartoon Fiona, and this is the tattoo located on her left shoulder. This tattoo obviously comes from the actual bride, and this is what makes this cake topper extra special and personal. It shows that the couples really adore Shrek and opted to use them for their cake toppers, but the personal touch makes it unique.

Water sports Adventures

Water Skiing Skier Wedding Cake Toppers

Rounding off this list of unique wedding cake toppers is this water skiing cake topper. It seems that water sports is a popular hobby for couples who are getting married, and this is no exception. The bride and groom are wearing water skiing attire, in black and grey. They are riding the waves in their water skis, seemingly in sync with each other. The figure is exceptionally made, with much detail put into making the water look as choppy as possible. The bride and groom are both well crafted – down to how the hair is styled. This cake topper is truly a special topper for the bride and groom and they can even use it as a display piece in their living room or bedroom.

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